What's at Stake
2020 National Conference
September 9 + 10, 2020 @ 5pm (EST)

The Formerly Incarcerated & Convicted People and Families Movement (FICPFM) is a network of over 50 civil and human rights organizations led by policy experts, subject matter experts, organizers, thought-leaders, artists, healers and attorneys who also have conviction histories or are family members who are closely involved with people living with conviction histories.

This year's virtual conference theme is: What's At Stake. For 2 days, you're invited to join us for programming that features the voices of FICPFM members. Together, we'll explore a diverse set of topics within the criminal legal system.

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Hosted by Brittany Packnett Cunningham

Day 1
Grounding Remarks
Daryl Atkinson
FICPFM Welcome: Who We Are
Susan Burton + Dorsey Nunn
What's at Stake Panel

Discussion centered around the collision of the coronavirus pandemic and the epidemic of mass incarceration and how it has laid bare the failures of the criminal legal system. Moreover, how this moment has the potential to rapidly accelerate the movement to remake the criminal justice system into one that is more just. Now is a time for bold transformative action.

Dorsey Nunn, Livia Pinheiro,
Jerome Dillard and George Galvis
Moderated By:
asha bandele

Directly Impacted Leadership Panel

Conversation rooted in the experiences of organization leaders who have experienced incarceration with a mission to further educate, advocate, and fight against social injustice as it relates to those impacted by the prison industrial complex.

Susan Burton, Desmond Meade,
and Dominique Morgan
Moderated By:
Josie Duffy Rice
Exclusive Advanced Screening:
Amazon's TIME
Day 2
Poem Reading: Felon
Dwayne Betts
Breakout Rooms:

- Organizing and Direct Action 2020
- Getting out the Vote
- Culture is Power
- Mass Incarceration and the Impact on Families

Live Reading
Mitchell Jackson
Remarks + Performance
John Legend